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Self Employed? Startacus Launches the Self Start Society!

Self Employed? Startacus Launches the Self Start Society! Just 12 months ago Alastair Cameron, Recruitment Business Manager was facing redundancy. Rather than get despondent and downbeat about the challenging employment market, he instead decided to try and create his own job, future and become self employed. After successfully applying for funding from Arts Council NI, […]

Have you an employment story to tell? Want to appear on a fly-on-the-wall documentary?

At TheEmployable we are always interested in hearing about TV programs or documentaries that give a realistic viewpoint of what life is really like (without the corporate spin or government self interest)… When TheEmployable were contacted by award winning TV production company, Two Four, about a landmark series they are planning for Channel4 about what […]

An interview with Rioch Edwards-Brown, Social Entrepreneur and inspiration…

Katie Hopkins, formally an Apprentice finalist has a reputation for “Telling it like it is”, as she proudly highlights on her own website. Last week she caused an uproar for stating that the unemployed should be ‘creamed and parked’ on Radio 5 Live, and that we should be creaming off the talented unemployed and for […]

From Redundancy to Self Employment – A Startup Success Story

Anybody who has ever heard the dreaded “ We are making you redundant” words, knows that fear of the future and what is going to happen next is the one thing that is paramount in your thoughts. Once the initial shock subsides though, one of the best things to do is to view the redundancy […]

TheEmployable Manifesto – we need you!

At TheEmployable we are passionate in believing that improvements can be made within the Employment sector, be it changes, politically or socially by both employees, employers or the Government. However just as importantly, we believe that economic growth and job creation will only happen if it has the will and design of the people. Graduates…the recently […]

Diary of an employable blogaholic

Entry 1. And so I begin….Today is my 32nd day of unemployment*. *I say unemployment, but in my mind I am still working and therefore my unemployment status does not count. Plus, there are such many negative connotations attached to the word “unemployed”. Therefore, I have decided to no longer use the word unemployed and will, from […]

Film Review – The Company Men

Set during the financial crisis and recession, The Company Men (2010) is a good observation of the effects that company downsizing has on those that go through redundancy. ‘Observation’ is a good way to describe the feeling you get in watching this film, as you never really get to find out the inner turmoil that seems to […]

Top 5 Clichés about redundancy

During the recent BBC series The Apprentice, one of the contestants, namely Jim Eastwood aka “Jedi Jim” became notorious for amongst other things, his inability to say a single sentence without it containing a cliché. When challenged by Lord Sugar’s erstwhile advisor, Margaret Mountford to describe himself without using a cliché, Jim replied “I am […]


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