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Why are People Leaving Retirement for Later?

If you are over 65 and you have decided to stay longer in the workforce, you certainly aren’t alone. Bloomberg notes that more and more Americans are spending their golden years at the office, with around 19% of people aged 65 or over still working (even it is part-time). This choice isn’t entirely based on necessity, either; […]

Phasing Out Retirement Savings For Employee Finance Management

In the ambit of employee finance, retirement savings occupy a central role. Time is very relevant in this regard because with the recession, people had to either dip into their savings or change jobs. Without doubt, the post-recession has resulted in corporations and even government bodies eliminating defined benefit retirement plans in favor of defined […]

Pension Plan Risk Management – it’s about marginal gains

Most of us were enthralled by the Olympics last summer.  It was a great event for the GB cycling team which won seven gold medals on the track while the rest of the world won just three.  They credited their success to close study of every area that could impact on performance – and looking […]


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