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10 minutes with Entrepreneur Doug Richard; School for Startups Chief and “Ex Dragon”.

The phone rang. I answered………“Hello” (pretending I was sitting in my ‘pretend’ new office – not my Kitchen) A crisp Californian voice answered back; “Hi, its Doug Richard, how can I help?” I had 10 minutes. 5 questions – including one that Doug called a ‘red herring’. I wished that ten years ago, I had concentrated […]

Places you can go to ‘learn’ Entrepreneurship…

The thing with setting up a business is that until you have ‘done it’ ‘been there’ the old cliches of ‘learning the hard way’ or ‘learning on the job’ probably will ring true. Even those of us from a Corporate background will struggle to cope with the multi tasking required, and it’s only adversity, passion […]


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