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Being proud of being unemployed – Diary of a Employable Blogaholic

Being Proud of being unemployed. Last night was my ‘bi-annual’ trip to the bar! Maybe a slight exaggeration, but nevertheless, I am not a seasoned drinker. First round my brother-in-law bought, the second round, I returned the favour and passed the beers around to all concerned. “Cheers Cam” was politely returned until my brother-in-law jokingly […]

Beginners tips on starting a business with £0 cash

Starting a business has never been easier – and here is why. I was on my home yesterday from doing the daily chores, when I drove past Subway. Nothing too exciting there. However advertised on the side of the retail front was a massive banner advertising the sub-of-the-day. Again, nothing too exciting, although I do […]


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