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The Different Jobs You Can Take In Singapore

Singapore is a great city to be in. The air is nice, the surroundings are clean, the people speak English and are friendly, so what more can one ask for? There actually is one thing; being a person not native to this country, you may be wondering what jobs they offer to make a living […]

Top tips for your Singapore job hunt

Singapore – home to wealthy elites and expats looking to hit big. Yet, as more people settle down in the sovereign city-state, so too does competition for jobs grow fiercer. If you’re moving to the region, it’s a good idea to know exactly what kind of job market you’re walking into. As the markets shift […]

Bored of Britain – is working in Singapore the answer?

After two years of remaining stagnant the UK job market has finally began to recover, the number of people claiming job seekers benefits has dropped by 8,600. However, it hasn’t managed to return to pre-slum numbers. So, what do you do? Sit tight and wait around for your ideal position or think outside the box […]


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