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A startup call for action not just words…

Startacus, TheEmployable’s’ new platform for the self-starter may still be a while away from full launch, but the landing page, now live for over a month has been getting some really positive reviews from prospective Startacus members already, who love it just as much as we do! If you’re still a tad curious about what […]

Joey Barton – Saint or Sinner? The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Joey Barton is a pilloried character in the British press. You can argue that he has brought it all on himself, and you reap what you sow. However most of the time, rehabilitated character or not, the media just love a good ol’ Joey Barton moan. He is hated more by the media than anyone […]

‘Civil-Servants-Got-Talent’ – We find out about a public sector project that got the ‘creative’ creating

There is a stereotype, perpetuated from the private sector, that Civil Servants, are glorified paper pushers – and its often a stereotype not helped by the media and perhaps even some civil servants themselves. We have all had bad experiences of dealing with the public sector, from poor customer service, to lack of respect, or […]

Startup Of The Week – Lokofoto

When you think of a place that you love – a place where you once lived or a place where you had an amazing holiday, nothing evokes memories of that place like a photograph. And whilst for some of us, going through old holiday snaps or family photos might be enough, they still can’t really […]

Startacus Wants You!!!!!

As many of you will know, we are a tad busy at the moment getting all ready for the launch of our new exciting platform, Startacus. ( And if you don’t know!!!!….check it out here. ) We can’t wait to unleash Startacus to the world and from the response we have had so far, it […]

How to be self employed – The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic…

How to be self employed? I have been in two minds how to address my new self employed situation in this blog. It is hard calling yourself ‘self employed’ if you are not initially making loads of hard cash! Your friends and family may naturally ask the question, “when are you going to start making […]

Want to start a business but have no business experience? – here’s some basic top tips…

It is probably very easy to get swept along with the current trend of becoming “an entrepreneur”. As the UK Prime Minister announced recently, as part of a government supported scheme, “there’s a business in all of us”, the tide of enthusiasm is building a pace, to create some kind of self employed utopia! Having […]


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