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Here Are 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Startup

After college, I hunted for work and my efforts paid off. I managed to secure a job slot at a top bank in the country. Although the job was good, I felt something amiss during my day to day work. So I decided I was going to be my own boss and start my own […]

Thinking of Starting a Business? Some other things to consider

Here at  TheEmployable we are keen advocates of all things that encourage career growth – be it, training, education, career progression, career change, or just all out refocus of the work / life balance. Of course, career growth can also include taking that leap into self employment and starting a business. But apart from all […]

Get In Shape: How to Start Up a Sports Facility

It’s shaping up to be an epic summer of sport. The World Cup and Wimbledon are in full swing, the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup are just around the corner, and memories from the London Olympics still burn bright. It’s nothing short of inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that you now have a very strong […]

Why starting your own business is a great idea

Owning your own business and being your own boss has long been a collective dream of many people, but how close is that dream to ever becoming a reality. A recent survey revealed that as many as 18% of SME started their own business because there were no prospects in their current job. However, with […]

The Benefits Of Printing Business Cards Online

There are many reasons why a business might need to use the services provided by a print shop, but there are just as many times when dealing with a physical store just makes no sense whatsoever. This is especially the case when there are online print shops that can do the same type of work […]

5 Ways to start a business from home

Whether it’s as a result of family circumstances or personal choice, more and more of us these days are contemplating starting up our own businesses from home. With the jobs market the way it is, creating your own job and your own business can often be the best course of action. Of course, not every business […]

Starting a Business – some basic thoughts…

Starting a Business – some basic thoughts… Previously we had written a article on some basic thoughts and tips on Starting a Business.This video presentation is a visual representation of this article. It is probably very easy to get swept along with the current trend of becoming “an entrepreneur”. As the UK Prime Minister announced […]

Starting a Business of Your Own – Some Do’s and Don’ts

Starting a Business of Your Own – Some Do’s and Don’ts… Running your own business offers a great deal of freedom and has become a remarkably popular choice for many people, despite the recession.  The number of small firms is, in fact, rapidly growing as large organisations shed jobs across a range of industries.  Self-employment […]

How to turn a work at home Business into a Self Run Business

If you run a business from home that is beginning to become a success, why not consider starting up a self-run business to give your new venture a more professional edge. The thought of starting a business away from home may seem like a costly option, but investing your money in an office will help […]

Starting a business – the financial basics (A guest post)

It can be difficult to get a business off the ground and even the savviest entrepreneurs will tell you that during that all-important first year, you need to be 100 per cent on top of your finances and making savings wherever you can. But what options are there for cutting down your overheads?  Business insurance […]


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