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The Top Free Online Tools Every Startup Should Use – Part 2

Money is tight when you are starting a business. We previously featured a post on some of the top free online tools that every startup and entrepreneur should use. (You can check it out here ) It was certainly not a definitive list, so here is Part 2, where we’ve put together some more of […]

Starting a business and getting HR to work for you…

Starting a business and getting HR to work for you… Every business, whether they have a headcount of 3 or a headcount of 3000 should have a HR (human resources) mindset. HR for a company of 3 you might scoff, how is HR relevant to a fledgling company that is only that size. The term HR […]

Want to start a business but have no business experience? – here’s some basic top tips…

It is probably very easy to get swept along with the current trend of becoming “an entrepreneur”. As the UK Prime Minister announced recently, as part of a government supported scheme, “there’s a business in all of us”, the tide of enthusiasm is building a pace, to create some kind of self employed utopia! Having […]

Beginners tips on starting a business with £0 cash

Starting a business has never been easier – and here is why. I was on my home yesterday from doing the daily chores, when I drove past Subway. Nothing too exciting there. However advertised on the side of the retail front was a massive banner advertising the sub-of-the-day. Again, nothing too exciting, although I do […]

UK TV Opportunity – Fancy facing the Cameras to tell your Startup Story?

When we heard that True North Productions, a successful UK TV Production company, were looking for a ‘Family’ who fancied changing their lives and escaping the rat-race, we thought this seemed like an opportunity we would want to share with our followers. Also, as they would also like to find people who are looking to […]

Why you should Startup in a Business Incubator…

We’ve written in a previous post about Places and Spaces you can go to help transform that startup dream into a reality. ( Check it out here. ) One of those featured was the Business Incubator, which we are going to look at in a little more detail today. In essence, Business Incubators are specialist programmes […]

Starting up as a Social Enterprise

One business sector which has been in the news for all the right reasons this past year has been the Social Enterprise sector. Apart from the positive social impact, it also contributes over £20 billion to the UK economy and employs almost 800,000 people. It is certainly an area that seems to be relatively confident […]


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