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TheEmployable Gradpreneur ‘Lessons learned’ in 2011 – The ‘Learning Entrepreneur’ guide….

Entrepreneurs…..seem very much like a friendly bunch of characters. So far we have been knocked back by how helpful our fellow Entrepreneurs, from starting-up Graduates, through to seasoned Pro’s, all are. In the spirit of cross Entrepreneurial friendship, Raspinder Singh from Gradpreneur.net asked us to take part in a joint post, highlighting our top tips […]

Could you Thrive as a Freelancer? A Guest Post by ‘Career Stylist’ Beth Reacher on ‘working-for-yourself’

In today’s highly competitive and volatile employment market, more and more people are turning to freelancing to take their professional destiny into their own hands. This growing trend is also contributed by our evolving market place. With more small businesses entering into the economy, there’s been an increased demand for skilled individuals to offer specialist […]

TheEmployable talks to ‘Reggae Reggae Sauce’ Co Founder – Levi Roots…

Levi Roots. Reggae Reggae Sauce. So good he named it twice…. The funny thing is that for many of you that have not even tried one of Levi’s Raggae Raggae products, you may have been accustomed to the song that accompanies the brand. By appearing on The Apprentice, Levi was able to use the strength […]

For Every Good idea, there are 10 bad…TheEmployable look at a few ideas that never quite made it!

For every good idea there’s 10 bad…. For every good invention you use, there’s 10 you will never see (or use) Over the last few months, many of the Entrepreneurs we have spoken to have echoed the same points; ‘that there is no harm in failing, because you learn from your mistakes, but work out […]


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