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Startup of the Week – The Borrowers

Let’s face it – in these pretty challenging economic times, most of us would be happy to avail of new and innovative ways to make a little more money. And if we’re able to do some social good at the same time as earning an income, well, it’s a win-win then isn’t it? Well, thanks […]

Startup of the Week – Flubit

All of us would probably admit that we love to get a bargain, especially in these, shall we say ‘less than prosperous’ times. However it’s not that always that easy, especially when shopping online. You may think, you have found a great website, offering you the best deal ever, but have you really? Admittedly there […]

Startup of the Week – DoGoodBuyUs

Startup of the Week – DoGoodBuyUs If you’re the type of person who thinks carefully about where you spend your hard earned cash; who prefers ethical shopping to anything that the large corporates tend to sell, then this week’s Startup of the Week is for you. The aptly named DoGoodBuyUs is a new online marketplace […]

Startup of the Week – Hubbl

Startup of the Week – Hubbl If you’re one of the millions who now can’t bear to be apart from your smartphone, chances are you spend quite a bit of time using apps – whether it’s for your social media activities or to play the latest addictive game. The thing is though that finding the […]

Startup of the Week – ChocCards

Startup of the Week – ChocCards It may have slipped your attention, but this week is actually National Chocolate Week. Yep! A whole week devoted to the celebration of all things chocolate-y. In honour of that, we thought then that it would be pretty sweet (sorry!) to choose a Chocolate business as our business Startup […]

Startup of the Week – Carhoots

Startup of the Week – Carhoots After buying a property ( for those of us lucky or foolish enough to do so), buying a car is usually the next biggest purchase that we generally make. And when a decision is made to buy a car, be it a first car or simply a new one, it’s […]

Startup of the Week – Bantr

Startup of the Week – Bantr If you’re a fan of the so called beautiful game, you’ll no doubt be fully aware that even when the ref has blown the final whistle, the game is far from over. Living rooms and bars up and down the country are filled with fans debating, arguing and re-living […]

Startup of the Week – reKiosk

If you’re a craftsperson, there are seemingly endless online marketplaces for you to sell your wares; Etsy, Folksy and the like as well as smaller niche sites. If however your “craft” is of the digital kind, you are generally pretty limited to selling on some of the biggest players only – on Amazon etc, with […]

Startup of the Week – Gift Owl

As most of us are only too aware, buying presents for birthdays, Christmas, whatever, can be a real chore at times. Trying to find something that bit different that the recipient will actually like gets harder and harder. Department stores and shopping centres of course are filled with all the “recommended ideal gifts”, but often […]

Startup of the Week – Coursera

Startup of the Week – Coursera Since it’s September and the school doors have once more re-opened after the summer break, we thought it quite timely to look at startups in the education and learning sector. Even though for many of us, our schooldays are long gone, it doesn’t have to mean that we stop learning […]


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