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Startup of the Week – Camp in my Garden

Startup of the week – Camp in my Garden Whilst the concept of renting out spare rooms and properties to holidaymakers may be a  common one, renting out a garden certainly hasn’t been. Until now that is! This week’s Startup of the Week is set to change all that. Camp in my Garden is an […]

Startup of the Week – Placeknow

Startup of the Week – Placeknow For many of us when we book a holiday or trip, looking through guidebooks and travel guides be they online or whatever is a must. However a lot of the time, the photos they contain are professionally shot, and showing a place in ‘ideal condition’ , shall we say. […]

Startup of the Week – MoviePilot

If you’re the type of person who just loves movies, who can’t wait for the latest releases, who trawls the internet in the hope of getting a sneaky peek at an upcoming blockbuster, then this week’s Startup of the Week is for you. MoviePilot is a new online hub for hardcore movie fans. It’s not […]

Startup of the Week – Spacehive

Whether it’s due to the Olympics, or the slight hint of summer that we’ve finally started to have, there certainly seems to be a real feel-good and positive air around at the moment. Yes, we know that problems and issues still exist but at the same time, there are people and places out there doing […]

Startup of the Week – Tribesports

Whilst not all of us may reach the Olympian standards of the athletes currently gracing our TV screens, most of us still have the potential to do something relatively more sporty and active with our lives. If you feel it’s about time that you did just that but perhaps have lacked the motivation, then this week’s […]

Startup of the Week – MentorMob

  These days when most of us are interested in learning a new skill, the first place we go to is generally the internet. Whether it’s to track down what courses are available or to access online guides or tutorials, it tends to be our first port of call. Getting the information that you need […]

Startup Of The Week – Timehop

Business Startup of the Week… If you have ever had a bit of a clearout and found an old diary or notebook, you’ll no doubt have spent a bit of time looking through your entries and reminiscing, laughing, cringing or perhaps even simply having a think about events now past which were at the time […]

Startup of the Week – mmMule

Business Startup of the Week… We’ve all probably had one of those conversations. A friend or family member is off on their travels and they ask us if we would like them to bring us anything back. Whether it’s perfume from France or chocolate from Switzerland, we love getting our favourite things, don’t we? But to […]

Startup of the Week – Pubslush

This weeks business startup… As the saying goes, there is “wisdom in the crowd”. A true statement indeed and one which has no doubt helped to contribute to the rise in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms which we have all seen over the last few years. What such platforms all have in common of course is […]

Startup of the Week – Evinar

At the Employable we love highlighting new business startups… As anyone who is responsible for organizing events will tell you, getting people to attend is often the biggest task of all. However if people were able to attend an event from the comfort of their own living rooms, wouldn’t it be a much easier task? […]


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