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Thinking about Starting Up in Ireland?

When President Obama visited Ireland earlier this year, he referred to the country as being “an entrepreneurial nation.” But he wasn’t the first US President to recognise the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset of the Irish people. The late JFK in fact quoted George Bernard Shaw in his speech to the nation: ““Other people see things […]

***Guest Blog*** From ‘Zombie’ to Business Owner – My Story – Mark Milner, Owner and founder of TinyCV and Flipajob

So it’s official. I am now the proud owner of my very own business, well two businesses – a recruitment website called TinyCV (http://www.tinycv.net) and an online marketplace for buying and selling low cost services called Flipajob (http://www.flipajob.co.uk & http://www.flipajob.com.au) and I have to say, it feels wonderful! It’s always been an ambition of mine, […]

Franchising as a Startup

We are hearing more and more about people starting their own businesses – setting out on the journey to self employment for the first time. However, not everyone has a unique or innovative business idea or a distinct competitive advantage, which is why for many people Franchising can be the best option of all. Choosing to […]

Got a Startup Idea? – Here are some Spaces and Places that will help….

So you have an idea for a startup and you’ve sounded it out amongst your nearest and dearest. But what you would really like is to sound it out amongst other people who have already created a startup , or are maybe at the same stage as you, wondering where to go next with their […]

How to help fund your Startup Idea

One of the first things you have to think about when considering setting up your own business is of course the finances – where and how are you going to get the money to turn that dream into a reality. The media are always telling us that the banks aren’t lending any more, there are no […]

‘Just do IT’ – TheEmployable talks to a Digital start up expert…

You’ve got a problem & you work out the solution. Bingo….. But then what? Who do you speak to and what do you do? Thousands of ideas must be dreamed every day, but unless you know how to take an idea from pencil sketch to boardroom presentation, how many good ideas fails before they have really […]

Start Loving Mondays – Top 5 Ways to find a Startup Idea

So it’s Monday morning again – the start of the traditional working or academic week. But if you have just graduated or been made redundant, it is just another day, isn’t it? The week may be stretching out in front of you, but you have no real idea about where you are heading. Or maybe […]


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