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How to Boost Staff Retention in Your Startup

Starting a business is a stressful time, so the last thing you need is for your best employees to hand their notice in. Unfortunately, you can’t force people to work for you, but by making it more attractive to stay, you can lessen the likelihood that staff will leave. Here are some tips to make […]

Why Wait? Companies Founded by Those Still Studying

You might think that university is a time to study, meet new people, and enjoy the last remaining years before joining the busy working world. However, there are thousands of young, driven individuals who see this time as a launch pad to a successful entrepreneurial career. Granted, your time is limited by various obligations, but […]

Trade Show Tips for Startups: 4 Ways to Increase Booth Appeal

Trade show events are great places to network with companies, consumers, media outlets, suppliers, and other industry players that can help your startup get ahead at a faster pace. When it comes to generating good publicity and establishing brand awareness, few methods work better than giving a strong first impression at a trade show. Unfortunately, […]

Do You Want to Win Your ‘Bonus’ This Year? by Kush Shukla – Business strategist, trainer & Executive Coach

A wise uncle of mine, who sadly passed away some years ago, asked me to listen to some words of wisdom that he read out from a calendar. It said this………“If you love the work that you do, then that’s a bonus”.  He advised me that I should always work to get my bonus…. I […]

As A Startup, Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes?

While you may have launched a powerful new product that promises to change the market, you will not get far if you make these three common mistakes. First, your business has not bought enough brain power. Second, your business does not have enough social capital. Third, your business does not have enough knowledge and skills. While it doesn’t […]

Why Startup Businesses Should Make an Effort to Attend Industry Conferences

The key focuses of every startup should be promoting brand awareness, developing their products and services, and attracting the attention of potential investors and business partners. Fortunately, achieving those goals isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be, with internet forums, crowdfunding platforms, social networks, and conference events providing ideal venues and growth opportunities […]

Here Are 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Startup

After college, I hunted for work and my efforts paid off. I managed to secure a job slot at a top bank in the country. Although the job was good, I felt something amiss during my day to day work. So I decided I was going to be my own boss and start my own […]

How Did I Win The TechCrunch One-Sentence-Pitch Challenge… A Guest Blog by Nitzan Yudan

Since last week I was asked a few times how did we make it win the TechCrunch One-Sentence-Pitching Challenge – ranked first out of 650 startups worldwide? So here are my 4 Flat-Club rules that helped us win: Don’t Sleep… ” While the rest of us were sleeping, he worked… With insomnia, nothing is real. […]

Interviewing for a Startup- Tips and Advice

Generally speaking, when we consider the term ‘Job Search’ the tendency is to assume that the majority of people are in search of a stable role, within a well established and successful organisation. Of course there are many benefits which come from working in such an organisation, but it is becoming increasingly common, in some […]

Working for a Startup- The Advantages

The advantages of working for a startup When embarking upon a job search, the majority of folks plan to make well established, well known and well respected businesses the focus of their attention. Of course this is a tried and tested method and carries significant benefits. Large companies will often have a number of vacancies […]


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