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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Medical Specialty

There are students who already know exactly what they want to do upon entering medical school. Some realize late, like a few semesters before graduating, that they want to specialize on a specific area of concentration. There are even those who’ve already chosen a field but might suddenly want to change specialties.  It’s okay to […]

Unihomeswap – a solution to the increasing costs of Uni? We talk to the Founders…

When I first heard of Unihomeswap, I was a little unsure as to whether as a Student I would have been interested in literally leaving my own family to go and live with another, when I headed off to Uni. First year University was all about that liberating feeling of freedom and decision-making; whether to […]

Startup of the Week – Uni-verse.Biz

At TheEmployable we of course like to highlight and feature new Startups all the time and in terms of “new”, there are few newer than this – Uni-Verse.Biz only officially launched last month. During his final year at university, the founder John Nice identified a gap in the market for an events platform targeted at […]


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