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The Power of ‘Thank You’ – Networking to find a job – a guest post by Robin McKay Bell….

Guest writer Robin McKay Bell returns with a piece he has written on the power of saying ‘thank  You.’ We certainly appreciate Robin’s involvement in sharing his articles with TheEmployable…’Thank you Robin, and keep empowering!” Over to you Robin…. “….Networking is a hot topic, and for good reasons. There is anecdotal evidence that around 70 […]

Jokes and Joking about Jobs, Job-Seeking and unemployment

Regular readers will no doubt be aware that we’ve recently been trying to add a little light humour to the whole business of JobSeeking, Employment, and even Unemployment. With articles such as ‘Movies to get you motivated before a Job Interview’ Songs for the Self Employed and our ‘Job-seeking Soundtrack, we hope you agree that […]

12,000 Vacancies need filled in the NHS

Adzuna’s Unemployment Predictor, which calculates the UK’s unemployment rate 5-6 months ahead of the ONS was released last Friday with a couple of notable statistics. In the initial four months of 2015, the UK unemployment rate saw its first period of stagnation, following what has been a sustained and unprecedented few years of growth. But […]

What Could Be Holding You Back From Employment?

Now that the worst of the recession is behind us, you may be wondering why you’re still struggling to find employment. It could all just be location and bad luck, but all of us have elements about our employability that we could work on. Here are some interviewing sins that you should try to avoid, […]

UK employment makes us “The Envy of Europe”?

Employment in the UK is increasing at a faster rate than in any other European country; that’s according to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who also claims that the nation’s “jobs-led recovery is making us the envy of Europe”. The announcement coincided with a speech by Prime Minister David Cameron in which he […]

Just 1 in 40 New Jobs Full-time

There seems to be a perpetual stream of employment figures released on a near daily basis at the moment.  ‘Wages up’ and ‘unemployment down’ seem to have featured quite heavily in recent headlines.  Figures such as these can prove reassuring, injecting the public with a sense of confidence that the economic situation is indeed improving […]

National campaign to encourage MPs to support youth employment

If there is one thing that we know here at TheEmployable, it’s that finding a job can be really really difficult… One group which has suffered particularly severely over the past few years is the youth of our society. Ok, so we know that things are improving (albeit slowly) but the fact remains that young […]

Labour market stats show unemployment continuing to fall steadily

For some time, unemployment has been one of the hot-button economic issues in the UK. At the height of the downturn, which still lingers long in the memory of many people, unemployment soared past 2.5 million people. However, as the latest set of stats for the labour market reveals, the number of people out of work […]

Number of UK job vacancies rising at 15-year high

Over the past year or so, there has been an air of resurgence about the job market. With the number of people out of work soaring past the 2.5 million mark, there have gradual falls from quarter to quarter,with the last three months of 2013 proving no exception. Over that period, the number of people […]

Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment – Diary of an employable blogaholic

Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment – Diary of an employable blogaholic I write this diary blog in peaks and troughs, one a week and then none for a month (or two) and I expect much like unemployment figures, and UK employment stats, it’s only worth talking (and writing) about something, well, when there’s something to talk about. […]


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