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Are unemployed people more likely to fall into bankruptcy trap?

Even though the headline figures suggest that unemployment in the UK is gradually decreasing, there are still well over two million people still looking for work. Meanwhile, many of those who have found jobs are left with nothing but a part time role which isn’t sufficient enough to meet their basic costs such as rent/mortgage payments, […]

Digital Divide Threatens future of EU Employment Opportunities

The internet is something most of us in the UK take for granted. A recent study ranked the United Kingdom as number eight in the U.N’s connectivity table, having overtaken Japan and Hong Kong. South Korea came out on top for the third year in a row, but what about those less fortunate places that […]

BBCQT, Unemployment and more Spin

BBCQT, Unemployed and more Spin – Diary of an employable blogaholic I feel like I’m always using this blog post to complain about spin. So apologies if again this week I do the same. One big moan. I watched #bbcqt last week, or for the non Twitter gang and old school out there, BBC’s question Time. […]

The BBC, the Public Accounts Committee, and zero contract hours…

Diary of an Employable Blogaholic – The BBC, the Public Accounts Committee, and zero contract hours… So… there have been a few employment related stories doing the rounds over the last few weeks / days and although they are totally unconnected – they ain’t really. Confused? Don’t panic – all will come clear! Over at the […]

Job Snobs, Graduates and Spin

There was an interesting article in the Independent last week that was titled “Graduates miss out on employment because they are job snobs” and it got me intrigued. I then read the article and I thought I could trump that spin-like headline title. It’s been a while (in fact a long while) since my last […]

New initiative launches to make the UK the most Youth Friendly place to work

We all know that Youth Unemployment is a major issue and so any initiative or project that is doing its bit to help bring about a solution has to be given praise. The latest such initiative is a pioneering programme which is being launched by Youth Employment UK CIC (YEUK) next week. In order to meet […]

Could the retail sector help improve unemployment stats?

Nearly five years after the UK economy started to show a few signs of wear and tear, and times are still tough for many businesses, not to mention the millions of jobseekers still looking for any kind of paid employment. While sectors such as manufacturing and construction are still in the doldrums, there may be […]

Gaining Employment: The Hardest Job In The World

Dermot McBride, a student studying Creative Media Production (Journalism) in Derry, Northern Ireland, writes an opinion piece for TheEmployable on the difficulties that job applicants face in finding a desirable job. “The first thing we must do is find a job in the desired sector. The current recession means this in itself is like finding a needle in […]

The Benefits of Vocational Training

Here at The Employable, our all encompassing goal is to help get you employed. Everyone is familiar with the ‘can’t get experience unless you employ me; can’t get employed unless you’ve experience’ problem. There is a solution which is often overlooked by many here in the UK. It can be summed up in two words; Vocational skills. […]

Unemployment numbers falling, but what do the figures actually mean?

Unemployment numbers falling, but what do the figures actually mean? An opinion piece by Graduate Ethan Loughrey The inherent problem with governments, banks, data institutions and the like is that they can’t just say something like it is. Figures are released that are impossible for the public to grasp without an understanding of their context. […]


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