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How to Become a Tax Lawyer in the United States

A tax lawyer, as the name suggests, assists individuals and corporations with tax issues. Every income earner is required under the law to file taxes on his or her personal income. Organizations file taxes on their profits. Miscalculations and failing to file taxes in a certain income-earning period can have legal consequences. Tax lawyers help […]

How to Get Out of Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt can accumulate more quickly than you expected, thanks to the high interest rates that come with these loans. And if you’re going to school full-time and you aren’t working at all, it can be impossible to start paying off your loans while you’re in school, so you’ll inevitably find that your debt […]

Key Mental Health Fields Worth Getting Into

These days, the healthcare industry continues to boom as populations grow, and people get busier and more stressed and unhealthy. Indeed, when you check out the rankings put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the United States, the list tends to be filled with a variety of jobs […]

4 Ways to Pay Back Taxes

Ways to Pay Back Taxes if you live in the US… It’s tax season, and you owe the IRS more than you can afford. Don’t panic – you’re not alone. In 2009, an IRS spokesperson estimated that 8.2 million Americans owed over $83 billion in back taxes, penalties and interest. Falling behind on your taxes […]

Does College Loan Consolidation Always Make Sense?

Almost 70 percent of all US college students who graduated in 2013 held some amount of student debt, according to The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS). That year, the average graduate owed $28,400 in loans from both private sources and federally-back loans. It’s a sobering amount of money to owe so early on. […]


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