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Can’t Get Work Experience? Here’s a few ideas how…

Work Experience…The Vicious Circle. Can’t get a job because you do not have the experience, but can’t get the experience because you don’t have a job. This is a common problem that many new job-seekers face, if they are entering the world of work for the first time after University or College. If you have […]

“Business” – Do you have a corporate social responsibility policy on combatting Youth Unemployment?

When we first thought of TheEmployable, we were in the midst of redundancy from our jobs in (ironically) recruitment. At the time, like most people, who probably go through redundancy (that isn’t voluntary) there are certain parts of the process that you wish were handled more smoothly and with a slightly more personable approach. One […]

TheEmployable Artist in Residence – request for entries…

At TheEmployable we appreciate that the job market is tough. Many creative graduates are struggling to find paid employment. So how can we help? TheEmployable is introducing an ‘Artist in Residence’ Wall. Every two weeks, the artist will change and a new artist will have the chance to display their work for free.  There are no […]

#TheEmployable Artist in Residence #Artist No 1. Anthony Cooley

Hello my name is Anthony Cooley. I am a 26-year-old artist from Derry, Northern Ireland who works mainly in the area of illustration but also likes to dabble in other areas such as animation and concept art. Tell us a bit about your background…Since I was very young, art has always been in my blood. My grandfather was […]

How to Make Your Experience Relevant: Prepping Your CV for Job Applications

It doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve had in the business world; when it comes to CV screening, the most important factor is relevance. And learning to be relevant starts long before you begin sending out the job applications. If you were a brand, your CV would be your strapline and your interview outfit would […]

How to get Work Experience

If you’ve left school or university recently and have had very little work experience to date, chances are you could be finding the job market a little tough. We’re still in pretty challenging economic times and getting a job is still not that easy, especially if you have little proven practical work experience. Exams and […]

Building yourself a career: Journalism

The life of a journalist can indeed be a glamorous one, but like any career, you have to work had to enjoy its benefits, such as being whisked away on someone else’s money to some sunny press event in the south of Spain or even Washington to cover the US elections. Most senior journalists and […]

Addressing the Interns issue…An interview with Ben Rosen of Inspiring Interns

Let me start with saying that I for one am not against Internships..per se. I myself was encouraged to take someone on (on an internship) during my previous position, and I found the whole experience justifiable, as ended up taking that, very qualified and hard working person on, on a six month paid contract, to cover a maternity […]

Startup of The Week – Concept Cupboard

Since 2008, the Future 100 Awards have set out to recognise and profile young entrepreneurs running businesses which have a strong commercial foundation as well as a significant social and environmental focus. Our startup of the week this week is one such business. Having just last month being awarded a Top 10 place in the […]

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions – a review

“Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” by Martin John Yate A “few” years ago now, I was a graduate – keen to embark on a professional career and get my first step on the ladder. I was doing the usual, applying for jobs, sending out CVs, filling in forms, hoping for that interview where I […]


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